Monday, April 27, 2009

Allergies, Sigh.

I had a nice week of training last week.  I was trying to decide if I would do the 10k on Sunday.  The weather looked even worse than last week.  Thunderstorms.   Holly does not do Thunderstorms.  I am terrified, like abnormally so.   I actually do a crouch walk to the car if I get stuck out in one so I'll be lower to the ground.  Ok you can stop laughing now.   So I decided not to pre-register.

I'm glad I didn't.  Friday we had our first 80 degree day in 6 months!   This was great but caused every single tree to start blooming.   I have terrible spring allergies.  Mainly eyes issues.   We went out for dinner with friends Friday night and everyone wanted to eat outside.  I knew that would be an issue but I went with it.  By the end of dinner my eyes were a mess.   I woke up on Sunday and they were swollen and glued shut.  Yuck.  I stayed in the house all weekend and am recovered for now.  I didn't do a long run all weekend.  Very bad!   I'm afraid to step outside it's either going to be the trees or the lightning!   Or both, what if  lightning hit a tree?  Crap.


  1. Hey, how are things going? Haven't seen you post for a while. Hope the allergies aren't still getting the best of you.

  2. Hi Justin, thanks for checking in. I'm still here. Banned to the inside, but still running. I should have a post up later today!