Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where's the sun?

I'm really getting sick of this weather.  I am still pulling out the winter coat!   Enough!!!  Had a couple of nice runs so far this week.  Skipped the strength training yesterday as I must have slept funny or something.  I woke up with a stabbing pain by my shoulder.   Thankfully that is gone today.  I'll be back at it tomorrow with a run and strength training routine.  

Getting excited for my 10K on Sunday.   I can't believe I haven't run a 10k ever!?   Marathon-check, Half Marathon-check, 13k-check, 8k-check, 5k-check.   10k not so much!   I'm planning another one next weekend as well.  I'm a bit worried about finishing last as I'm afraid there won't be very many slower runners.  But I love this saying:  Dead last finish is better than did not finish which is better than did not start.   Here's hoping for at least the dead last finish- HA!!!!

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  1. 10K's are fun. My first competitive race before the WDW half marathon was a 10K. It was a great length. Not too long, not too short. You'll do fine.