Friday, July 31, 2009

Rock and Roll Half here I come!

It's been awhile.  I've been battling a sinus/ear infection and am finally starting to feel better.  Just in the nick of time too.    The Chicago Rock and Roll half is this Sunday.   We are heading down to Chicago tomorrow and so far the weather looks perfect for the race.   I'm hoping for a PR.  My previous best is 2:46:59.   Not sure if that will happen or not.   I did a 12 miler on Sunday and it was tough.   I'm going to go out and have fun and see what happens.   Check back here for next week for some pictures and video from the event.    

For now,
Adding to the Adventure Book!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Signoff

Well folks we have a winner for my signoff.  Remember when I was looking for an idea to end all of my blog entries.   Dave came up with a great one.   It is inspired by the movie "Up".  For those that have seen the movie you will understand it immediately.   For those that haven't, let me fill you in.   Spoilers Ahead!!!!

Dave and I saw Up when it first came out.  The movie had a big effect on both of us.    We both were crying throughout the movie and still get misty eyed thinking about it even a month afterwards.  The movie is about a couple, Carl and Ellie.  Within the first 10 minutes we see how Carl and Ellie meet as young children, fall in love, get married and then ultimately Ellie passes away.  What got to Dave and I was that Carl and Ellie reminded us of our own relationship.   They had a jar that they put their spare change in to save for a big trip.   Dave and I have a large Campbells Soup tin that we throw our change in to buy something "fun".   It's just Carl and Ellie in the movie, no kids.  Same for us.  The big thing is that Carl and Ellie never got to take the dream trip that they always looked forward to.   Dave and I are lucky and we have already taken many dream trips.   The point of the movie is that you don't have to take a dream trip that life is a big adventure by itself.    Ellie created an "Adventure Book" that she put in everything they did and everything they wanted to do in the future.    I like to think that Dave and I have been creating our "Adventure Book"  and we are constantly adding to our own book.  So I will have my sign off be:   Adding to the Adventure Book!   I hope you all will continue to follow along.

So for now,

Adding to the Adventure Book!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A 5k on the 4th

Had  a busy 4th of July weekend.    Spent Friday boating and having fun at Blarney Island.  Then up early on the 4th for the Run for Freedom in Antioch.   I talked some friends into coming with and Dave even walked it!  Way to go everyone.  I was pleased with  my time: 34:34.   Much faster than last years 38:00.  I'm glad to know that I am getting fitter.   Sunday was a 10 mile run on very dead legs.   I muddled through it.   I bonked toward the end,  totally empty.  Needed another gel or something on the run.

Speaking of gels I've been very pleased with the Hammer Gels I ordered.   I heard about them during an interview with the owner of Hammer on the Run to Disney Podcast.    The guy had some great things to say and they made sense.  These are the first gels I have been able to stomach and they work great.   I had one about 10 minutes before my 5k and I'm sure that helped me improve my time.  

Spent the rest of the day yesterday just lounging around outside.   A nice relaxing afternoon and evening.  Dave made awesome ribs for dinner, his best yet!   

Less than 4 weeks until the Half!