Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ready for a vacation

I can't believe we are at only 8 weeks to go! Time is really flying now. My legs are tired. I've been putting in some big miles and I'm still doing well. My pace is faster than when I trained for the other marathons so I'm hopeful that the races will go smoothly. We are heading to Jamaica on Saturday for a week and yes I am packing the running shoes. I have never run on vacation before so this is going to be tough. I built in two extra weeks into my training to compensate for this, but still plan a few 10 mile runs and some 5 mile mid week runs. I don't want to blow all of this training. I will get up early and then take a nap on the warm beach! When we get back it will almost be December. I really can't believe it!

For now,

Adding to the Adventure Book!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Training continues!

We are now just 9 weeks and a few days away. It is really going fast now. Training is really ramping up and I'm getting tired. I definitely need more sleep. I fell asleep last night at 8! I did an 8 mile on Saturday and 17 mile on Sunday. That was a big back to back to get me ready. It was a very chilly weekend and I was cold on the long one on Sunday. It's supposed to warm up this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I can run in the shorts again?

For now,

Adding to the Adventure Book!!!