Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taper time!

I am officially in the taper and madness has begun. I am in a bubble like John Travolta. If you sneeze don't be offended if I run in the other direction. I am officially neurotic. I walk on the roads and sidewalks with a shuffle to avoid rolling an ankle. It's crazy!

I finished my training off in PA and NY. Home of snow and hills. PA got 16 inches of snow and I ran through it. Try going up steep hills through a few inches of snow. Quite the workout when you are used to the flat land of Illinois. I was supposed to do 10 and 20 back to back, but the snow and hills caused me to do 7 and 15.25. I called it good because I was freaking exhausted. More tired than any other training run all year even the previous 10 and 20 I did a few weeks before. I feel ready for the Goofy and really can't wait to get there.

For now,

Adding to the Adventure Book!

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