Monday, January 25, 2010

I did it!!!

I am officially Goofy!!! I successfully completed the Goofy Challenge (well actually the unofficial Dopey Challenge) at Walt Disney World on January 8th, 9th and 10th.

If you want to avoid reading my detailed report you can see the video version here:


Now for the detail!

We went to the Expo on Thursday right when they opened because I was paranoid that the merchandise would be all gone. I wanted my Goofy swag!! I went and got my bibs for Goofy and Dave and mine's bib for the 5k. Dave went searching for the limited edition pins. He was successful and I met him in the Disney merchandise area. Holy Crowded!!! I purchased a ridiculous amount but hey when am I going to do this again right? (no laughing!) The rest of the Expo was also crowded but I still managed to buy a race number belt and a pair of Riders slip ons. Both purchases are awesome!

The 5k on Friday was the warmup for me and the big race for Dave. Dave has done two 5ks in our town but this was his first big one. He says he wasn't nervous but I think he was. I know he was cold . I made him wear a trash bag and he was thankful for the warmth it provided. The race was themed for the movie "Up". The characters were there at the start. The corrals were very crowded and we couldn't even get in them so we had to wait for the start. There were fireworks and we were off. The race went through the parking lot of Epcot for the first mile and then the rest was through World Showcase and Future World. Dave and I pretty much stayed together and enjoyed the race together. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again. I'm proud of you Dave!

The half marathon was the next day and I tried to get to bed early on Friday. It was tough to get to sleep but I knew that 2:30 wake up call would be coming. I got up and got on as many clothes as possible as it was in the twenties and the forecast was for snow, sleet and rain! Lovely. I got on the monorail and got over to the staging area at about 4. I was able to meet my team members from my Team All Ears group and it was great to see them. I was very impressed that Tacey and Melanie showed up to encourage us even though they weren't running that day. It meant so much!

Before I knew it it was time to head to the corrals. It's a long walk and it was snowing. I couldn't believe it was snowing in Orlando! I got separated from my team at this point and I was on my own. I found my corral and started peeling of some layers, but kept most on as it was still so cold. The fireworks went off and we started making our way to the start line.
The first few miles I felt kind of stiff as it was so cold but I soon warmed up. The run up World Drive to the Magic Kingdom was long and it sleeted during this portion. I was cold. Then you get to the Magic Kingdom and all is forgotten. I entered Main Street and got teary. I couldn't believe that after all of those training runs I was finally here!! I saw Dave and he got some pictures. I ran through the Castle!! Unbelievable!!! It was great to run through Tomorrowland, Fantasy Land, Liberty Square and Frontierland. I stopped for a few pictures it was great. We leave the Magic Kingdom and run along the road that the Grand Floridian is on and the Polynesian. Pretty quickly we get to World Drive again and are heading back to Epcot. I'm feeling great and taking it nice and easy. I don't want to push it but I'm freezing and would like to be done. But I hold back since I have a full marathon to do tomorrow.

We go over and around the overpass to get closer to Epcot and who do I see but Tacey and the Colorado sisters in the median of the highway cheering their heads off. It was an unbelievable lift and it makes all the difference. I see Dave again at mile 12 and tell him that I'm having fun!! A quick trip around future world and we are at the finish! I see Dave in the stands and smile for the camera! I get my Donald Medal and my cape of awesomeness which was much needed today. I find Dave after I exit and we try and get back to the hotel as quickly as possible. I was freezing on the monorail. I still got in the ice bath to aid my recovery and felt pretty good after a warm shower.

Here is a half marathon video recap:


We then headed over to the Magic Kingdom to have a Team All Ears meet. It was awesome to meet everyone and share our stories of the morning. Our captains Mike Scopa and Michelle Scribner-Maclean were awesome and so supportive throughout the whole training. Deb Wills is one amazing person and it is my honor to have met her. Our team has raised over $23,000 for breast cancer research. I was honored to find out that I was the top fundraiser for our team with over $5000. I got some really cool gifts for that as well. Thank you Deb!!

After the meet we were meeting some old friends for dinner at Tony's Town Square. We had a great time but soon it was time for me to get to bed as I had to get up at 2:30 again!

I was exhausted and had no trouble falling asleep. I woke up and did the same thing again. I put on a ton of clothes and got on the monorail. This time though I headed to the Race Retreat. I splurged for this treat for the marathon. I'm glad I did as it was colder than yesterday. I was on my own today as I never ran into any team members before the race. I headed to the corrals and I was much more nervous today. I was so afraid of not finishing this. So many people knew I was doing this and I didn't want to let them down or myself! The fireworks went off all around me and again I made my way to the starting line. I felt good right away. We entered Epcot in the beginning and that booming future world music really got to me. I was so pumped up. I did have an issue of not feeling well around mile 3. I realized I was warm and unzipped my coat and tossed my hand warmers. I felt better and that was the end of feeling bad for the race. We ran back up toward Magic Kingdom again and ran through the TTC. The crowd was awesome there today. It was a big boost. Again back in the Magic Kingdom and again tears! I saw Dave again and he told me to look for him when I came out of the castle. I got to the castle and there were trumpeters heralding our arrival on top of the entrance. They played the Rocky theme! How cool!! I misheard Dave and didn't look the right way for the picture. Sorry Hon!!! We leave the Magic Kingdom and start the long boring stretch to the Animal Kingdom.

But I had a cheerleader to cheer me on. I'm running by the Poly and I hear someone yell "Holly Beck" I'm like who in the heck would be yelling my maiden name?? It was Jorge from my team!! Thanks so much Jorge it was awesome to see and hear you!! BOOM BOOM POW!!!! I'm still feeling great and get to the Animal Kingdom with no problems. I avoided falling at the water stops. They kept saying watch out for the ice. How can this be Florida??? The Animal Kingdom was fun as the park was open and it was fun to see the guests waiting for Everest. After Animal Kingdom its another long stretch to get to the Studios. I was still feeling great and couldn't believe that I wasn't hitting the wall like in previous marathons. Thank you Hammer Nutrition. Their products kept me properly fueled the entire race. I saw Brad and Julie from the team on this stretch and we cheered each other on. The Studios was great as I knew we were really getting close now. Then the run along the river between the Studios and the Boardwalk. The Breathless was out there doing tricks and it was great to watch. I saw Barrie from my team at the Boardwalk and it was another needed boost. Thanks Barrie!!

Now a quick run along the Yacht Club and someone yells to me "You Did It!! Celebrate!!" I lost it with that and was so happy. I entered Epcot and tried to enjoy the last bit as I ran around World Showcase. I'm still feeling great!! I see our Team All Ears sign right by Spaceship Earth and Deb and Amanda are there. I scream like a crazy person and give them a huge hug. Thanks so much for standing there in the cold! I run into the finish and miss Dave in the stands. I high five Mickey and smile big!!

I get my Mickey Medal and another cape of awesomeness!!! I then go get my Goofy Medal. It was great because the person who gave me the medal is my friend Lydia who I haven't seen in 10 years!! It was so special to get that medal from someone I know. I exit and find Dave and say "Can you believe it?" We hug and I cry again. I did the Goofy and ended up with a 24 minute marathon Personal Best. Final time 5:42:05. AMAZING!!!

We make our way back to the hotel and I get in one more ice bath. We head to Epcot to celebrate until the cold gets the better of us.

What a weekend.

Here's the marathon recap (warning you may need the tissues at the end!)


Thanks so much for all of the support from everyone. I couldn't have done it without all of you. Especially to my husband Dave. You are the best personal trainer, support system, videographer, photographer and of course, husband a person could have. I could never get through this without you. I love you!!!

Stay tuned for my next adventure.

For now,

Adding to the Adventure Book!!!

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  1. Wow! Best race report I've seen. Love all the videos. Congratulations. And great job on all the $$ raised. Very inspiring.