Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outside, Yeah!

I finally got outside to run on Sunday.   6 miles.  It felt great.  Allergies are still rough, but much better.  Hopefully another week or two and they will be history!   I am currently doing Hal Higdons Intermediate Program for a Half Marathon.  I'm signed up for the Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon on August 2nd.   I can't wait for it.  Should be a fun one with all of the bands.   The intermediate is getting me ready for the intermediate marathon training program I'm going to use for Goofy.   I'm not used to running 5 days a week and this is tough.   Running on both days of the weekend is difficult.   I have to behave on Friday and Saturday nights now.  Bummer!!!  And no sleeping in at all on the weekend.  Major bummer!!!!!   But it will be worth it to get those three medals come January.   

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